It's hard to know a place really well especially one as complex and multicultural as Los Angeles, which comprises the center of this portfolio. LA's "continual transformations and unmoorings," as a recent magazine characterized it, make the city unpredictable and I enjoy prowling the streets for unusual or unexpected surprises.


These five national cemeteries in California are the only remaining ones open for new burials. There are nine national cemeteries in the state. This project for a book in progress is designed to ask questions about the ongoing plans for the State of California to honor the future dead from those serving in the armed forces or their dependents.


An ongoing project to photograph all the small-town Jewish cemeteries in the state of Texas which are potentially in danger of disappearing.


Street photography from all over. Includes urban areas as well as small towns exploring the variety of life today and the remnants of the past.


Landscapes and the great outdoors. I'm drawn to the less populated areas where objects and artifacts often tell us more about people than seeing them in the flesh.


I travel to Kansas City often and have photographed many places in the city and the surrounding areas. My two favorites are Loose Park in the Plaza District south of downtown and the West Bottoms, the old warehouse district to the west.


The Salton Sea is California's largest inland body of water. It lies between the city of Indio and the Mexican border in the southeastern part of the state. It has suffered a myriad of ecological events few of which have been positive, and photographers have flocked there from all over the world to shoot its picturesque ruins. Despite the fact that the water is healthier than most people realize, it still maintains its reputation as an environmental disaster today, although its history is complex and its future uncertain.

The religious images of the colorful Salvation Mountain were shot in Niland, California near the Salton Sea in an area known as Slab City. It was hand-built by Leonard Knight a local hero, who lived there and worked on the structure daily until his death.

The photos here were taken during 2008 some at a workshop conducted by Stephen Wilkes at the Palm Springs Photo Festival.

For more information about the Salton Sea, see Kim Stringfellow's, Greetings From the Salton Sea: Folly and Intervention in the Southern California Landscape, 1905-2005, and William T. Vollman's Imperial.


I've started experimenting with color and abstraction. This first series is of the St. Louis Arch. I hope to do more with American monuments as well as landscapes manipulating the graphic forms of space and line as if they were individual construction elements.


Beverly Hills is a state of mind as much as a physical place of affluence in Los Angeles. With this in mind I offer these images which are part of a series taken to commemorate the 100th birthday of the city of Beverly Hills at the Marc Selwyn Gallery in Beverly Hills.


Subtitled "Semiotics and You" explores the ever-changing relationship between images and the words they sometimes represent.